Half Past My Sin combines thunderous driving riffs and soaring melodic vocals. Always professional on and off the stage and it was a pleasure to tour with them. ”

— Stabbing Westward/TheDreaming Singer, Chris Hall

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HALF PAST MY SIN is New England's Premier Hard Rock Band.
HPMS has toured all over the United States, playing with some of the biggest names in rock such as Alice Cooper, Heaven and Hell, Queensryche, Alice in Chains, Buckcherry and many others... 
HPMS delivers a high energy ROCKSHOW showcasing some of the biggest bands out there that will get the crowd moving, along with showcasing their own music which features members of Sevendust, RA and Overkill. In fact, their latest release features (4) GRAMMY Nominated Artists. 

HALF PAST MY SIN'S sophomore album, “4:44”, which was mixed and co-produced by Joey Z of Life of Agony, features a powerhouse ensemble of talent with vocalist Jason Arigoni and bassist Dan Zavadil of HPMS, drummer Jason Bittner of Overkill/Shadows Fall, guitarist Ben Carroll of Ra, and songs co-written by Clint Lowery of Sevendust. Two singles from that album, “My Demand” and “Crutch”, received radio airplay across the United States, including SXM Octane and Music Choice. “My Demand” was also featured on the national syndicated radio show Loudwire Reloaded.




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"...a symphonic hit and run... "   
I'll confess, I've never experienced Half Past My Sin before listening to "My Demand" - but now I need to hear it all! The mix of tight vocal hooks, intermittently clean and crunchy guitar riffs and relentless drum beats will drive through you like a symphonic hit and run - and when it's over, you'll beg 'em to throw the car in reverse and do it all over again. If this lead single is any indication of what the rest of their sophomore album (4:44) will sound like, then sign me up for a spot in the front row when they come around on tour. (And I'm a huge Alice Cooper geek, so I can't wait to hear what they did with their cover of "Billion Dollar Babies".) 

Review written by John MacLeod on behalf of 411 Underground Radio.  John was one of the writers/reviewers at the former My 411 Source, and is an editor at Zombie Zone News.