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 "Massachusetts-USA hard rock band Half Past My Sin has successful mixed aggressive riffs and vocals with a melodic approach to form a winning formula that has set them up for success."

Origins of the SiN 

RE: HALF PAST MY SIN “Origins Of The Sin” Release

Massachusetts based modern hard rockers, HALF PAST MY SIN, are in the process of tracking music for their upcoming release Origins Of The Sin, which is a cover album.

Origins Of The Sin will feature the music of Ozzy Osbourne, Wasp, Lizzy Borden, Kiss, Type O Negative and King Diamond. 

According to lead vocalist Jason M Arigoni, “Jason Bittner (Flotsam and Jetsam, Shadows Fall) finished drum tracks last month and guitars are being tracked right now with Felipe Roa (Acaro, Angor) and Erik Markarian, along with Dan Zavadil on bass and Kevin Bias handling keys.”

Arigoni states, “ I really wanted to pay tribute to the bands that got me into music and have inspired me in one way or another, so I picked songs which span over a 25-year period, that I love. We stayed true to the forms, but we put a little of our own flavor on each of them. As a baritone, we tuned down to C Standard for these songs, except for the Type O, we left that in its original key, so there is going to be a little more punch to them.”

Origins of the Sin track listing:
1. On Your Knees (Wasp)
2. Parasite (Kiss)
3. The Ultimate Sin (Ozzy Osbourne)
4. Me Against The World (Lizzy Borden)
5. Abigail (King Diamond)
6. L.O.V.E Machine (Wasp)
7. Wolf Moon (Type O Negative)

As of right now Origins of the Sin will be limited to a digital release when it drops this spring exclusively through iTunes, which will include a digital booklet and bonus material.

In 2014 HPMS released their sophomore album, “4:44”, which was mixed and co-produced by Joey Z of Life of Agony. It features a powerhouse ensemble of talent with Jason Bittner of Shadows Falls on drums, Ben Carroll of Ra on guitars, and songs co-written by Clint Lowery of Sevendust. Two singles from that album, “My Demand” and “Crutch”, received radio airplay across the United States, including Octane and Music Choice. 

For more information please visit HalfPastMySin.com

More SiN is coming in 2015 

There are a lot of things on deck for HPMS early on in 2015...

1. Release of "4:44 Deluxe Digital Edition" featuring a full color booklet, bonus tracks and interviews.

2. Release of "Origins of the SiN". HPMS cover songs from Kiss, Lizzy Borden, Type O Negative, Ozzy, King Diamond and Wasp, featuring Jason Bittner on drums, Felipe Roa on guitar, Kevin Bias on keys along with Dan Zavadil on bass and Erik Markarian on guitar!!

3. Re-release of self titled album "Half Past My Sin". Revisited and re-recorded tracks featuring Ben Carroll and Jason Bittner along side of Dan Zavadil and Erik Markarian.




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The brand new album featuring Jason Bittner~Shadows Fall on drums and Ben Carroll~Ra on guitar. Also featuring the songwriting of Clint Lowery~Sevendust!!

Mixed and Co-Produced by Joey Z~Life of Agony

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    4:44 a.m. 00:43
  2. 2
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    Tuesday 03:53
  3. 3
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    My Demand 03:15
  4. 4 Tolerance 04:04
  5. 5
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    Crutch 03:32
  6. 6
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    Caught Coming Down 03:57
  7. 7
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    Contrast 03:31
  8. 8
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    The Revolution Within 02:10
  9. 9
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    Dark Day Dreaming 03:42
  10. 10
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    Stay 04:23